Wednesday Jan 07

6 rounds

10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Pull-Ups
10 Knees to Elbows


Chuck9902 said...

This one hurts.

11:50 with KB rounds at 53, 70, 53, 53, 70, 53.

scott said...

Good job on the heavy kb Chuck.

I stayed with the 53#...12:25.

Mo said...

Confession: I shoulda used a bigger KB.

I was going to bitch about the Fat Bastard pic below but...ahhh - I'm all better now. Thanks for posing Chuck! :)

jason buzzard said...

Scott, Chuck yall sure are setting the bar nice and high for the rest of us. I will be thanking you(cursing your names) later.

Chuck9902 said...

Thanks Scott but one of the afternoon boys (buzzard, Raif?) will knock it out with #70 kb the whole time and get under 10.

Mo, I did feel a little insecure about the hair do and posing with just a towel on but they talked me into it!

Anonymous said...

Chuck rocked this morning. I rotated in with the 70lb'er as well, but finished in 13:30. I absolutely suck at KTE.

jason buzzard said...

WOD as rx'd: 2 pood KB (trying to keep up with the earlier guys) 11:35. Did a 500 on the rower before class 1:36, form is getting better. This one taxed the muscle and the gas tank!!! Thanks for the extra push today Chuck, Scott and David.

Chuck9902 said...

Buzzard, I knew you would 2 pood it the whole time! Nice.

Newly, looks like you, I and the rest of the 6 am crew will just have to try harder to set the bar higher!