Get Well Soon!

Get well, and get back soon! We miss you!


Bill said...

Speaking of being out. Had surgery Jan 2 and have been told no CF until mid Feb. Totally bummed, but will double up when I return. Josh, think of some good "get his ass back in shape" workouts for me! See ya soon.

Chuck9902 said...

Get well Rhonda and tell Rob to get in here!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww....I am just getting on the blog for the first time since surgery and it feels good to be missed. least something feels good!!!
i will be checking the blog to see how great you all are doing and see what i am missing!!!
will my butt EVER look like that again after sitting on it for SIX weeks???????
I miss all of you!
Anonymous Rhonda

jason buzzard said...

Six weeks will pass in no time Rhonda, you will be back before you know it. Just try to take it easy and enjoy the rest as much as you can.

Bill said...

Rhonda, they're going to have to hold special 'bust-our-ass' classes to get us back where we were when we return! I've been home 6 days and am going crazy. Hope you feel better soon.

Bill Behr