Tuesday Jan 06

"Fat Bastard"
5 rounds

5 Dead Lifts
7 Hang Power Cleans
9 Shoulder Press


david.griffin said...

It was great getting back to GSX, post holidays. I definitely felt the holiday feasting slowing me down a bit. Looking foward to all the hard work with the 0600 and 0830 classes.

scott said...

I agree...it was great to get back in the swing of things today. Good wod. 225#dl 95# clean/press...11:59.

jason buzzard said...

Got me on this one Scott, great job!! I think I did 12 or 13 something. Feeling fat and slow after the holiday, no bueno at all. Great WOD though!

scott said...

Good job Jason. I really like the strength wods.

I am dreading the burpees that I know are right around the corner though. I'm thinking a week off is not going to improve the gas tank.

whisky said...

Did it and it hurt

225# DL
135# HPC
95# SP

11:46 but I resorted to push press in the 3rd round. Deads and cleans were the easy part presses fatigued me quickly.

whisky said...

Also this is my first metcon in probably 2 months or so. Individually this is a great wod. It kicked the shit out of me. However, logistics for 8 in the gym was somewhat hairy. I'm looking forward to lots of open space out back and hoping for some more oly bars. ;-)

raif said...

kinda ducked the heavier weight today...came in on very little rest and had felt a back twinge at work today did 225,95,95 in 6:28
just happy to have a workout under my holiday expanded belt
amazing how heavy 95 felt in the fourth and fifth round of presses
good job scott on your deadlift wod the other day!

CrossFit GSX said...

Get in my belly.

scott said...

6:28....your times are crazy Raif. Awesome work.