Friday Apr 17

5 Rounds

Thrusters x 30 seconds
Rest x 30 seconds
Pull Ups x 30 seconds
Rest x 30 seconds
Burpees x 30 seconds
Rest x 30 seconds
Sit Ups x 30 seconds

There will be no 6pm class tonight, so be sure to come by the GSX Grill & Chill!


CrossFit GSX said...

Nice work dudes, good group this morning! Even if Mo misunderstood my question to Jason...


Jason Buzzard said...

Damn fine work out! I was all kinds of jacked up afterward. I dont remember my numbers but the went down fast. I have to say though, I am loving the 135# thrusters. Travis, it was great to meet you this morning.

I didn't happen to mind Mo's question at all thank you very much...LOL.

Chuck9902 said...

I was looking forward to this one but I had a twinge in my elbow on the 5th thruster to start and that pretty much ruined the workout, I had to pretty much half ass it from there, ice and back at it monday.

Nice work everyone and Travis looks like a nice addition to the 6 am crew.

Mo said...

It was an innocent gesture...but ya know I don't mind at all how you take it and twist it. It's really good to be back even with burpees involved.

Anonymous said...

I HATE BURPEES! Great workout though.....I am liking the new addition, Travis! The twisted take on Mo's comment is EXACTLY why I am using the "no comment" excuse about the bacon!
Glad you are back Mo! We need more girls @ 6:00AM!

david.griffin said...

That was the hell are you supposed to do that WOD and count your reps.