GSX Welcomes the CF Level I Cert

New Friends
GSX would like to welcome all of the CrossFit Level I participants


tuck said...

David and Laura all the way form Jolly old England. Newcastle! We are humbled that you made GSX your choice for your level 1 cert.

How absolutely wonderful. Great to have friends across the pond!

They actually stated that they wanted to come here to our little place. This is just wonderful.

David Venus said...

Tucker, the pleasure was all ours! From the moment we got there we were made very welcome. We felt more like returning old friends than new ones!

We chose GSX because it most closely reflects what we'd like to achieve here in little old England...and we weren't dissapointed. All the best aspects of Crossfit with a real focus on kids...the next generation of athletes.

A great facility with a great focus. Thanks again and we look forward to the Gymnastics Cert in August...bring on the Murphy's!!!

David & Laura

tuck said...

yay! baby yay! Murphy's. I cannot wait!