Monday Apr 13

5 rounds

30 Sit-Ups
30 Supermans
Max Rep Pull-Ups


Chuck9902 said...

Tried to keep up with Buzzard and subbed 15 GHD sit ups and 20 Back extensions...15:26 but I wasn't getting full extension on the GHD sit ups.

I don't have much of a kip so 8,7,7,6,6 on max pull ups.

Plenty to work on.

scott said...

As rx'd 13:25. Pull ups 12, 12, 12, 13, 11. Props to Chuck and Buzzard on subbing the back extensions and GHD sit ups.

david.griffin said...

Thanks for the encouragement this morning from the 0830 crew could not have done it without everyone. Alternated 3 rounds on the GHD at 30/30 and 2 rounds of sit-ups at 30/30. Pull-ups were 20/16/15/16/15. I don't remember my time. I believe the GHD wins this round, and every other round, that thing destroys me.


Jason Buzzard said...

This one was tough for me this morning, it has been a while since I have been on the GHD. Pull ups were sub par at- 15,10,10,12,10.

Anonymous said...

20 GHD sit ups, 20 GHD back extensions per round, low number on the pull ups 7,7,7,5,6. After the fact, learned to get tho ole butt hangin'off the GHD for full extension back on the sit ups!

CrossFit GSX said...

How are the shins, David?

david.griffin said...

Aahhh the shins. They are still there. Honestly it looks worse than it is. I somehow managed to just skin them.

You should have seen the jagged edge 4 feet high box I was jumping on though. As I was mid-jump sometime during round 2 the box jumped up and actually bit at my shins. I was able to just kick enough the top 2 fangs were able to get a little skin.

I was undaunted however and on the next jump came down with such unbelievable power I sent the box into near unconsciousness. Needless to say the say the box layed in its spot on the floor quivering. I didn't have any trouble from the box after that.

Anyways no big deal.


JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

A lot of variables to post about. I wasn't really worried about time, becauseI wanted to maximize the pullups even if I hung there awhile. I did 15 and 15 on the GHD.

10-Dead Hang Pullups
19-Band Assisted
17-Band Assisted
15-Band Assisted
8- A funky kip kinda effort. I can't really kip very well.

Finished in 14:20 or so.

Ali said...

Mo- Where are you??? I miss your times and posts.

tuck said...

Mo - is working on her house. Dont go there, you will get sucked into free labor! Muahahahaha

Kidding of course, Mo has been laying new floors, painting walls, clearing brush, moving large loads, and being an all around "This Old House" kinda gal of late!

And she is doing a wonderful job. She is a one man extreme make over show!

Mo said...

Thanks Ali and Tuck! I am going to wake up tomorrow am in my new casa!!! I can't believe it and I can't wait. It don't get no happier than this. I miss GSX and I plan to get back to my routine on Friday. I would come tomorrow but I aim to wake up to my new river view and sit on the levee and just friggin' smile.

I think I committed a childcare crime last Thur. Had two kiddos with me and pulled an all nighter working on house...they had to sleep in the truck as I finished at 8am. I took them to see Hannah Montana Fri tho so I was forgiven. See why I don't have kids? I'm not fit. :) They worked their little tails off until 2:30am too...they are great little child labor painters, sanders, and stainers. Need a sitter? Cause I need workers!! HA!!

Oh and Ali - my times will suck for a while. I have been eating mass loads of pizza, fast food, and donuts. Not smart at all - nope - never said I was tho. Aim to tie one on reallll good this weekend too.

Ali said...

Mo- Congratulations on the house! I'm all for child labor; impressed you could get them to work so long. I think you paid them overtime sitting through the Hannah Montana movie though. Glad to see you'll be back...

Mo said...

Well don't tell anyone but I liked the movie. I was prepared for the worlds worst two hour torture but it turned out to be decent. My lil neighbor kiddo has put in almost as many hours as I have working at the house. Poor lil glutton loves it.