Tuesday Apr 14


5 rounds for time

400m Run
15 Overhead Squats


david.griffin said...
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scott said...

I attempted to rx this one, but really seem to struggle with the OHS. Started at 95# but had to drop to 67#. I think my time was around 17:30. We had a marine in visiting from DC this morning and he knocked this out in around 13....very impressive.

M.A. Deavers said...

Don't do like I did when this popped up on the Main Site last week and do OHS x 21, instead of 15. Genius.

tuck said...

look at chris lofland... hittin the HS on the picnic area in the Garden of the God's.

icy top - but he sucked it up and did it... cool shot!

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

I was going to roll with the 4:30 class, but I got to the gym early and saw Buzzard about to start Nancy solo. I made him wait for a minute while I got ready to go.

I started off with 67#, but felt guilty watching Buzzard over there knocking it out with the big boy weight so I ran inside between sets and grabbed a couple of 10#ers to add on.

I can do the running part, but the overhead squats really eat my lunch. Buzz and I ended up finishing right there together around the 18 min mark.

After the workout I went in and set a 2000meter row baseline. Did it in 7:50 which I am happy with considering how zonked I was after Nancy.

Jason Buzzard said...

Did this one with Jason today. As rx'd 18:40 I think.not my best showing but was still a lot of fun and very humbling.

david.griffin said...

Note to mike....double check WOD before doing said WOD.