Wednesday Apr 15

4 rounds for time:

20 Push-Ups
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Dips


Anonymous said...

oh my..this one was tough so early in the morning.....i guess you can tell from all the "non-smiley" picutres how much "fun" we had! thanks for the encouragement buzzard! finished in 17.

Jason Buzzard said...

Ring dips always make push ups interesting. 15:40 something I think. Great job this morning everyone.

Chuck9902 said...

more difficult than it ready for that second round of push ups to be really hard after that first round of dips especially if you do ring dips...16:11 and feeling it

tuck said...

look at the muscles around that armpit Rho! growlllll!



david.griffin said...

I completed 'Helen' this morning at 0900. Finished in 8:47. Around 2-3 minutes faster than the first time I did it. Great job this morning Eva, going with the heavier kettlebell and killing the pull-ups.

CrossFit GSX said...

Yeah David, Helen hurt today.

raif said...

excellent Helen time David!

Rhonda is looking more and more ripped (but still feminine)

dude in the middle picture is doing his best pirate face...aaarrgh!

david.griffin said...

....matey where's me booty