GSX CrossFit Grill & Chill

Paleo friendly meat fest
G-14 Classified
Thank you to all that turned out for a great night. A special thanks to the local affiliates and Level I participants for stopping by, great to see you!


tuck said...

what a friggin blast! i grilled meat till my fingers bleed!

i love our community at gsx and i love the fact that we can build bridges. CF YMCA Downtown, glad to see you come in to our joint and grill. Kyle, so good to see you brosuf! Deavers, thanks for spilling wine on tyhe mat! Raif - you and your spud gum were such a hit! Steve - good to see you! Rho - i love jalapeno chees grits! Matt from Champion CF - nice to see you make it with friends in tow. Krissy! WTF? Mo - yo uneed to drink more. Josh - you need to drink less.!!!?? Rocs is preg with my baby! muhahahaha! Andy - i will grill Angies meat any day of the week! Ken - why was your truck still in the lot after Ava left?

the Tuck!

CrossFit GSX said...

Umm, exactly.

Mo said...

Yer right. I should drink more.

Thanks for spoiling us Chef Tuck!