Friday July 31

2 Squat Cleans every min. for 12 min.

Wine Library TV: HERE


Chuck9902 said...

Well Josh said Jared set the standard at 185# so why not? All 24 at 185# but the last 6 or so were probably pretty ugly. Be sure you catch it in the squat, you really don't want to clean it and then front squat it...much harder.

Mo said...

Wonder how long it'll take for Chris to tell me to shut up? Hmm.

Started with 95 until Master Butthead aka Josh moved me up to 105 (and I really thank him of course)...and was told next time I am to move up to 110 but I have a bad memory.

Happy Freakin' Friday Doods and Chickas!

CrossFit GSX said...

Great job, once again on a tough WOD Chuck.

However, for discussion, was that the right choice in weight for you? Could you have, or should you have, gone lighter in order to keep the catch and squat through out? Or were you in full-on competition mode? What was your plan, or goal?

Just a thought. It's easy to see what someone else is doing and want to match or better it. Always a good challenge, but is it always a good idea? For me it isn't. And each athlete is different. The community seems to be in a 'heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy or nothing' phase right now. Cool. As long as you move your body well. Have people run a little bit and all kinds of interesting things happen. Cover all the bases.

An "rx'd" weight can motivate some, frighten others, and turnoff still more. Use it as a guide, not must. "DT" as rx'd for example kills me, now matter how long I give it. Actually (gasp) did it at the women's weight last week for the express purpose of having fun (heresay!). And it was fun.

I've finally figured out 'universally scalable' might actually mean something. Amazing.

I guess that's is the most important ingredient of all this stuff...and sometimes it goes missing.

Have fun. Rant off.


"So why not?"

Chuck9902 said...

Good question and one I asked early on when I started CF. Is is better to suffer through a weight a bit too heavy for you or scale it for a more doable, faster WOD? I prefer the former but I'm not opposed to the latter, it all depends on the WOD.

For this WOD Josh noted he did it at 225(?) which I knew I couldn't do for 24 reps. I figured I could do the 185# for most of the WOD but may have to drop some weight at the end. The 30 sec or so of rest each minute had me feeling just recovered enough to feel like I could do 2 more reps each minute right up until the end but I think my form suffered a bit at the end. Josh or Chris could speak more to just how it looked as opposed to how it felt to me.

I think everyone just has to be smart about their limitations because there is a point of minimal returns. Meaning at some point you're not doing yourself any good pushing yourself with a heavier weight.

Just my thoughts.

ChrisChev said...

raif, if you or Ali come in today will bring that book

on lifts like the above I know for myself I need form/technique over the weight...but that is easy for me to say as i might skip today!!!!!!

Kristy said...

I want to see Mo and Ali sign up for FGB in September!!! Sept. 26 - put it on your calendar now!

castillo74 said...

Good 8:30 class with the ladies all to myself! Even Miss Carly did the WOD with us!
I stuck with 155# not that I couldn't do 185#, but to work on perfecting my form. Squat cleans are a weakness for me and I tend to go heavy and compromise form. I think its sometimes better to back up and get the form first, then you will be able to go even heavier w/o injury.
just my .02

Knocked out back squat & bench afterwards. 3x5 275,275,295
3x5 225,225,225


mdeavers said...


30, 30, 30, 30, 21

And I didn't even rip the tape off the bar at AHS this time.

Another good post, Chuck. Miss the 0600 guys. Come say hi tomorrow at 9am.

Chris L. said...

Shut up Mo!

Ali said...

Hi guys, fun posts today.

M - I believe in achieving good form over too heavy weight. I get frustrated with lack of progression sometimes though...

Chev, we're off to Great Wolf today (very excited) so we'll skip GSX.

Kristy, I'm so excited for FGB. I'm in 100%! I'd love some practice (especially SDHP) before the big day.

WOD from home today, run 400m (love "Map my Run"), 25 box jumps, 25 Push ups, 25 sit ups, 4 rounds. Fun. My neighbors must think I'm crazy jumping onto our picnic table! Just the seat; 20 in. exactly.

Ali said...

PS - Have I mentioned how much I love this blog lately???? Amazing job Mike!

CrossFit GSX said...

Thank you Ali for your's and Raif's support. Just trying to keep you guys interested, informed, and engaged.


Jwells said...

I agree you might need to scale a workout to work on one's form instead of trying to suffer through the workout but a good trainer should have an idea of who to push and who not to on weight. Also who's form is good and who's is not. This is why there is no Rx'd weight but just the idea that you should go as heavy as you can and still get all 24.

By the way chuck you might have thought your form was bad on the last 6 or so but it actually got better because you were tired and were unable to muscle the weight up. Great job.


Chris L. said...

Joined the 4:30 crew! 185# Good times!

Candice said...

Fun WOD today...I ended up using 105 lbs., which I have never attempted before, though droppin' down may have been the wiser choice. I missed 8 and had to make up for it in burpee's (40, ugh! :) )

Def lookin' forward to FGB and am with Ali on the SDHP's (I look like a weathered old lady when I do them). +300 points, here I come!

Mo said...

Me like da movie