New Contest News, Who's The Furthest?

We are pleased to announce our newest workout contest. This time we're seeking viewer submitted WODs from all corners of the globe. The further, the better, the winner.

Calling all Deployed Personnel, Jedi's, Truck Drivers, FAMs, Roadies, Ninjas, Dragon Slayers, Team Guys, Astronauts, NMC's, Action Guys (and Former Action Guys), as well as the last of the famous international playboys. Send em' in.

Points will be given to .mil entries, bonus points will be given to entries submitted with photos, and faces can be blacked out if you want to look like you're in SOCOM. Points deducted from dudes wearing those freaky Five Fingers.

There you have it. Our little hit-map on the right of this here page shows some interesting points on the globe, now's the time to say hi. Winner gets a slick new GSX shirt.

You have until Friday, July 31st at 1700hrs CST and we'll unleash your creation on our classes!

I think I've had too much coffee.

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