Thursday July 30

4 rounds

500m row
30 GHD sit-ups
30 Back extensions


platt said...

I understand, Mike, you don't wanna post my comment criticizing the workout, but come one, you had to be thinking it too. What the hell WAS that thing?!

tuck said...


i am assuming you spoke to yesterdays workout. i did that workout with the owner and trainers at FT Bragg after watching their entire crew do it there.

question is - did you do it? and if not - why not?

so it was a complete outta left field gut check. i was glad i did the work out, after it was over I mean.

it is always easy to Criticize.

ken c said...

everyone's core gets a good paddling today. this wod is all about midline stabalization.

Chris L. said...

Nice job 6am.ers...looking forward to working with you guys!!

platt said...

I'll do it this afternoon and report back.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

Chris.......6am....what's that all about?

Chuck9902 said...

The whole point of CF is varied functional movements. There are some crazy workouts on that whiteboard some days and sure there are workouts I like more than others but to not do it just because you don't like it is to go to 24 HR Fitness and do curls because you don't like pull ups.

One of the main reasons I enjoy coming to GSX is to walk in that box, look at what the hell they have thrown up on that whiteboard to challenge us, take a look around at who I'm going to try to beat to the end and then give it my best shot.

You guys just keep challenging us and I'll keep showing up!

Chuck9902 said...

BTW...awesome to have Chris come to the dark side and join the crazy ass 6 AMers!

Anonymous said...

sounds like I am missing some good stuff @ GSX..i am missing all the 6amers and the workouts....looks like they have been intense...lots of comeents too, ouch!
i look forward to getting back to the workouts very soon...wes & jim are back??? yay??? mo..missing you!! mike too!


raif said...

I am still blown away at all the people who did muscle ups for the first time! It took me three months of trying before and/or after every workout to get one very shaky muscle up. It really speaks volumes to the level of commitment from the crossfitters and to the coaching and especially the programming. I got back in the classes after my injury because I could see all the gains people were getting from doing them.

Keep up the good work!