Friday August 14

"The Ranch"

30 Deadlifts
400m Run
30 Burpees


Chris L. said...

4:49 As Rx'd

Jason Buzzard said...

I have spoken with a couple of you about playing soccer, I just got an email back saying that there are slots available. Ring me if you are interested (817-475-2605).

Chris, what was your thoughts prior to the work out? Any tips? How did you break down the burpees and DL's?

Chris L. said...

Deadlifts in sets of 10.
Easy on the run.
Nonstop on the burpees.

Didnt make 10 on my last set of DLs though...think i did 5 and 5.

Mo said...

There ain't enough weight at GSX for me so I did this with Shelby on my shoulders, Chris wrapped around the bar, and Josh being drug around by my ankles.

Ok - 135, 10:34

And Buzzard I did 10, 10 4, and 6 burpees cause I know you are dying just dying to know my technique. Why 4 and 6 instead of 5 and 5? 'Cause I am foolish like dat.

Paleo day 5 report:

I almost died of starvation days one and two but didn't have any specific cravings. I attribute my starvation to my prior binge and also that I needed to add to my breffast.

Tweaked diet adding more protein/fat Wed I think...helped.

Conclusion so far: Shrimp really is good for breakfast. But please don't tell my oatmeal as we've had a very very long love affair and he'd be hurt.

Chris called me a whiner but honestly I did not recover this week from workouts well. May have been changing up diet - may not...dunno. I also added working on push ups a lot on my own so there is that. Anyway I feel good about my Paleo challenge and it really is easy day to day. Going camping Sat/Sun- that'll be interesting but I'll make it happen.

Chris I still love you.

Where in the heck is Travis??!!

Brennan said...

This is going to be a fun WOD. Sounds like a fast one, hopefully burpees don't make this one a marathon for me.

Jason Buzzard said...

As rx'd-5:12. Was trying to beat chris but didn't make it on this one.