State of the Union

Dear CrossFit Faithful,

Is it not great that we can be this close; that we can see others come and go and grow as people? Close enough to work out together, share burdens together, break bread together, drink wine, and socialize as one unit, as one GSX CrossFit family.

Moving forward we will be developing more trainers, and the current trainers we do have will be stepping up to address your every need. Ken C, Kristy Deavers, Jason Buzzard, Chris Lofland, Mike Deavers, Chuck Bennington, Trevor Bradley, and Jason Malutich.

It takes a village to raise a child - our trainers are excited to step up and have the opportunity to work with you all. I for one am excited to see them become a more integral part of the box and of the training that goes on there. I am certain of the synergy we have at GSX and of the growth we have is unheard of in our community.

We are growing and building something unmatched in Ft Worth and within our nation. All of you have helped us become what we are, all of you are to be commended for your service to us, and we are honored to offer you all that we can. Our programming will only improve, our equipment and facilities will develop further, and our methodology will only strengthen. We have folks who are chomping at the bit to show there coaching skills and help all of you have fun and grow as Crossfitters.

What an exciting time in our little family.

Much Love,



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