Monday August 31

Andy going hard. Go see his new Luke's location at Montgomery Plaza!
Hmm...this one is for Scott. Just come in and find out for yourself. And don't worry, it will all be over soon. Further preparing you for the unknown and unknowable.

"Some men here..." HERE


Jerod said...

3:23, 3:06, 3:07, 2:59

CrossFit GSX said...

The 0830 crew suffered with class on this one, nice work as always. Good talking to you all this morning.

Chuck B, way to rock a 1:29 500m row brother! Sham-Pow!

And go see Andy's new Luke's location at Montgomery'll be seeing a group workout there VERY SOON.


CrossFit GSX said...

Warning, they carry the 'Lululemon' line of clothing that the women-folk seem to love. I think it is some kind of addiction.

That is all,


Vanessa said...

Andy, I love the new Luke locale and I LOVE Lulu... I'll probably be spending a large chunk of my paychecks in there over the coming months getting warm weather workout duds.

Runs were fun at 0600... :-P New PR for me! 3:06

Vanessa said...

I meant cold weather. I need to eat breakfast. Ha!

scott said...

Sorry to miss this wod...Lisa and I had our little girl this morning at 4:20am....6lbs 10ozs. Will be off this week, but look forward to getting back.

CrossFit GSX said...

Congrats you two!

Jason Buzzard said...

That is awesome Scott! Congrats to you both!

Candice said...

Congrats!! Post up some pictures when you can!

2:53 3:03 3:16 3:13


Travis said...

Good WOD...I pushed myself hard. 2:35,2:45,2:52,2:46.Done!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lisa...and Scott too! I am thrilled for you both. We sure do have a lot of CFit babies...I hope it's nothing in the water!!! SCARRY!

Today was not my favorite workout, glad it's over. When do we get to flip tires???? Sure would be fun in this great weather...hint hint!


PS....I too love the new Lukes

Jason Buzzard said...

2:55, 3:06, 3:21, 3:29

First time to do 800 meter repeats. Almost puked after the second least the weather was nice though.

Kristy said...

Speaking of running, everyone should give some thought to doing the Labor Day 5K on Monday (@ Luke's). GSX is closed and this is a great race to start the fall season. Plentiful adult beverages served afterwards too.

Chuck9902 said...

3:05, 3:20, 3:39, 3:25...gas tank was a little low