Were You There?

Chris and Castillo
David and Debbie
Jason Parker
Steve, aka "Chirodoc"


Steven Willis said...

Hey guys! Looks like everything is going well! The programming looks really cool. I tried that Brian Mackenzie workout with the burpee deadlift, burpee power clean, etc... Haha probably should have scaled... Took 14:18.

I miss you guys and the gym! The Rec center here at TTU isn't quite ready for some guy doing CrossFit. I'm pretty much constantly getting yelled at for dropping the weights on a platform with bumper plates (yeah, they don't know that you can drop it...) and using chalk, and getting scolded for "cheating" on pull-ups. Haha oh well, it's kinda fun.

Hope all is well!

CrossFit GSX said...

Always a pleasure with the Saturday groups. Good people, good fun.


ken c said...

show you the difference between my gun and my pistol.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

Good to hear from you Steven, I hope all goes well this year up in Lubbock. Best of luck to you guys for the upcoming football season with the exception of Sep 19th.

ken c said...


so they have bumpers and platforms but they don't want you dropping the weight?! so LAME! tell those pansy ass trainers to go watch the football team workout in their weight room and see the bars crashing.