Friday September 4

Allow 20 min to find a 3 rep max Overhead Squat

Followed by:

Tabata Sit-ups and Superman


CrossFit GSX said...

"Well, isn't that what friends are for?"

Chuck9902 said...

3 x 185 New PR...I think

Travis said...

3 rep @175, 2 rep max PR. Thank you Chuck #2 for the good instruction.

Travis said...


Mo said...

Shut it Travis!!! lol


Hmm Sex bait me Deavers...nope - not biting.


Chuck9902 said...

Right, welcome to Chuck #2! Great work by everyone throwing the weight around this AM! Ransom looking strong OHS more than his body weight!

mackey said...

Good to see ken stop by CFseven and build the crossfit community by socializing and sharing ideas. :) great "diane" time!

chirodoctx said...

Thanks for honoring Steve Jones' B-day yesterday. God Save the Queen!

Mo said...

My Paleo challenge report:

First week was tough as I was houngry and wasn't eating enough I don't thinks.

Rest of the time was pretty smooth sailing.

I'm leaner but my weight as what it is. My norm is always b/w 140 and 150. Aug it was 148 and this week 145 - so that is nothing to even share really but anyway....

I learned some new good habits I will keep.

I had wayyyy less sugar cravings and my energy level throughout day seemed more steady.

Lara bars are too similar to candy to me (I'm a sugar addict) and caused me to have cravings so I decided those weren't for me if I was trying to be strict.

I'll keep doing a lot of it but I will go back to having some cheats.

I did not miss cheese. :shocking:

I did miss oatmeal and I am certain it missed me!!!

Charles said...

Some killer work in the morning classes. Ransom and Chuck had some massive PRs. Adrian in the 8:30 class hit PR of 155x3 for his first OHS workout ever! Good stuff from everyone.

Mo, I'm right there with you on the paleo front. I thought giving up cheese would have made me stomp on kittens. Turns out I don't miss it really badly. I have found that my diet is kind of boring now that I'm settled into paleo land. Chicken, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, turkey, salmon, tilapia, eggs, squash, some sweet potatoes and walnuts. That's pretty much my whole week right there.

When I first made the jump to paleo I was going crazy with the fruit, way too much sugar! Right now the sweet potato and strawberries tend to fall post workout and the rest of the day is spinach, broccoli, and squash.

Lara bars are garbage. Ransom will be hosting a seminar on gaming Tabatas. You suckers need to foam roll... Almost as much as I do...

Is there anything in particular that everyone (or anyone) wants to work on or see more of?

ken c said...


you could always go crossfit football diet. its paleo with dairy. don't eat bars of any kind unless you're in a bind. and the real key...wait for it...drink olive oil (by the table spoon i mean.)

Mo said...

Yes I need to foam roll more and I own one!! Many of the peeps don't even know what that foam roller is for by the way- ya might need to enlighten them.

And lucky for me I don't mind pattern eating but yep- I pretty much ate the same meals for a month. I cut down on the fruit toward the end but I didn't eat any sweet taters. Shrimp, turkey breast, tilapia, broccoli, spinach, carrots, squash, bell peppah, almonds...plums/peaches for fruit.

Anything I want to see more of??? Tooooo much bait today.

Ok. Ok - sorry. Hmm nope. Don't care to offer you any other ideas on how to further torture me. Thanks! I'm good.

Mo said...

Thanks Ken! I don't really care for anything dairy at all besides cheese for some nachos - so it's no big deal.

Drink olive oil huh? Well I use it some to cook my shrimp/fish...but mostly I use flaxseed oil. And I take my fish oil! How much oil you want me to have? :) I think I'll skip it and just watch the football game on tv.

Anonymous said...

do chips and hot sauce, margaritas and enchiladas fall under the "paelo" umbrealla? if not, i don't think i'm on that diet...if so, i am the paleo queen!!! what about chocolate chip cookies??

oh well...maybe next week!


Vanessa said...

Dang! I wish I could have seen all the PRs this morning. Well, I surprised myself this afternoon with a new 3 rep max (105) and 1 rep max of 115 then followed it up with yesterday's WOD. God help my hiney and legs come tomorrow morning. I should probably go get own my own very unused foam roller (you aren't the only one, Mo!).