Tuesday September 1


21, 15, 9

Ring Dips

"It's not me, it's you" : HERE


Chuck9902 said...

10:20...I hate Elizabeth...I love Elizabeth

Ransom knocked it out and got on the board!

Jerod said...

16:50. That's a good time, if I was a one-armed 80 year old man.

CrossFit GSX said...

Ken says you have to do squat cleans, but I accidentally deleted his post. It happens. Move well and find the right weight for yourself.

Peace out,


Candice said...

17:10 as Rx'd. For this WOD, I decided to take it slow to focus on my technique...getting there, but not locked on just yet. I highly advise stretching the hammy's as much as possible for this one. Yesterday's NASTY!! WOD shows its ugly face again during the first few cleans.

Jason Buzzard said...

First time as RX'd...last time was at 67#.....10:03. trying to catch Travis but didn't get it this time. Great job 430 class.

Chris L. said...

Check out Wed main site WOD and compare.

raif said...

Was gonna warm up with a row but decided to row 500m for time instead. Almost pulled a Jerod and bonked but was able to finish in 1;25.2. Legs and butt burned so bad that I couldn't possibly attempt Elizabeth.