Thursday August 27

Press, 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5

Max pull-ups between sets

This is not a confession: HERE
Generally speaking: HERE
Lastly, and respectfully, for the cool action guys: HERE


CrossFit GSX said...

"For a minute...I lost myself"

ken c said...

fire heh heh fire!


scott said...

Like the heavy days.
135# 15pu's
135# 12pu's
145# 14pu's
145# 13pu's
145# 16pu's

castillo74 said...

for those who have a subscription to crossfit journal (those who don't should get one) there is an excellent video with Kelly Scarrett on physiology of the squat. I highly recommend checking it out. He speaks to fully engaging the hams and glutes which helps keep the shin vertical thus reducing the shear on the meniscus as well as the acl.
check it out!

jared said...

could be more hung over from last nights shenanigans than the Catalina Wine Mixer... Raif, what the heck is in a 3 legged monkey?

rough morning for this "rainmaker". no bueno

CrossFit GSX said...


Dwight said...


i will leave it at that

ken c said...


that's why we low bar back squat in crossfit. engages the posterior chain more. reduces risk of knee injury and uses more muscle mass thus lifting more weight.


we lost 25-2?!

Jason Buzzard said...

155#-25 PU
155#-25 PU
155#-20 PU
155#-20 PU
165#x3-10 PU

Last round of PU went to poo. BWT is 165# so getting 3 on the last round I am happy with. Hopefully my 1RM has gone up.

raif said...

I want to practice pitching.
We need to consider an automatic take on the first pitch or take until there's a strike.
Joe was the star of the game digging out tough catches at first.
I think Alaina sp? Parker has some softball acumen and should be recruited. (We may have to recruit Jason too to get her).
I am also gonna make a trip to the batting cages soon.

Thank goodness for strength day.
185 x5,4,3,4,4
pu's 17,17,17,21,23

raif said...

You will give me tp for my bunghole! Are you threatening me?

Kristy said...

Parker - there is your answer to whose wod stats were on the board. Nice job 6pm group on going heavy for presses and the PRs on max rep pullups!

Don't forget to sign up for FGB!

ava said...

traps are really sore from the last 2 days. did "the Mooch". AMRAP 15min of 3 back squats (115#), 6 pull ups , 9 push ups. got 10 full rounds today. last time got 9 rds plus the back squats. good workout. palms weren't completely healed from the weekend's tears. didn't bother me much during the wod but will take a little longer to heal now. dang it!

CAttaway said...

At the track: 3 miles + 200 walking lunges. Same as Tuesday, but I was able to run much more of it today, probably b/c of the clouds vs. blazing sun.

BTW, when & where are these baseball games?


Alaina said...

I think J overestimates my softball ability. Sounds fun though - let us know when the next practice or game will be.