Today at GSX

Ninja Warrior Training Center & Wine Bar
Tyler on the tower
Liz, Ninja!
Chris on the fundamentals
Awesome work Stefanie


CrossFit GSX said...

Enjoy the photos dudes


J-Dawg said...

Haha, I love it. A bunch of GSX monkeys out there. Fun that we get to mix in the 'odd' exercise every once in a while.

ken c said...

its important to imagine when you're on the monkey bars that you're swinging over a pit of fire or crocodiles. flaming crocodiles!

ava said...

I think it helps to just keep singing the song "chimpanzees riding on a segway, bam, baba, babam, bam!"

Chris L. said...

Fun day today...glad we got outside a bit and who doesn't like monkey bars?...after a $h!t load of lunges? Sore butts tomorrow!!