Wednesday October 14

3 Rep Max Deadlift

3 Rounds of:

40 Push Press
30 Squats
20 Ring Dips
10 Double-Unders


Chris L. said...

325# DL
8:55 Rx'd
Hard, but fun. A lot of PP. The weight on the PP is (65/45) Get it!!

Chuck9902 said...

3 @ 295#...WOD done in 16:43. Foot felt ok, working on getting back into the swing of things.

Great effort by the 6 am crew!

CrossFit GSX said...

Enter your stats to Beyond the Whiteboard also.

Vanessa said...

Chuck, amazing effort this morning!

Chuck B inflicted the following punishment upon me after the 6am class:

3 Rounds of
15 95# Thrusters
15 20# slam balls
15 burpees
15 doubleunder
Time: 22:34

The thrusters were SO SO slow. Broken from the beginning. But, glad I did it.

Charles said...

Good game today everyone. Some people really "found the suck."

Nice to see blog participation up lately. Don't forget that our online GSX community wouldn't run without Mike D. There's a good bit of time and effort that goes into this updating this site multiple times daily. Show him some love on his blog or bring him a bottle of wine at the next social.

scott said...

Great to see you back Chuck!


Wod rxd at 13:52. The ladies at the 11:30 did an awesome job sticking with the rxd pp.

Joe said...

Desperate plea time:

GSX softball (3rd place regular season finishers) are in need of some ladies. Reports are surfacing that say we have one (possibly zero) girls who will be at tonight's softball game. If you can make it out, we can definitely use you. Game's at 9:30 at gateway park. Hope to see you there!

Intern Coach Joe

Joe said...

Ah! Nevermind. Softball is cancelled for this evening.

ava said...

Good to see you this morning, Vanessa, and thanks for the wod!
Did 10 weighted step ups each leg @ 65#, 10 ring push ups, 10 ring rows with feet on a bench, in decreasing sets down to 1 of each. 19:36. It was a good one! My butt is already sore!

Vanessa said...

You're welcome. It was a CFFB wod and a good one at that. I hear you on the sore butt. That workout definitely had me doing slow negatives every time I tried to sit down for a few days. The one I did today is already making me sore.

Jason Buzzard said...

Did push ups instead of presses, trying to take it slow with the shoulder. 12 and some heavy change I think. Push ups and ring dips together are always very humbling.

Parker said...

I am currently having flashbacks of FGBIV. Damn I hurt.

Ken, we are really enjoying your technical advice on the lifts. Keep up the good work!