Friday November 20

Back Squat & Press, 5 x 5 x 5


Robert said...

A little rain brought out a parallel universe this AM - just two crossfitters at 0600. Way to go Mo. Thanks Chuck. Good coaching. Did my squats at 225, press at 95. Thanks for humoring me with my 80's British tunes..Jam, English Beat, Clash, Sex Pistols.

Mo said...

Bob stop talking about your sex piston ALL THE TIME!!!! You are so offensive.


115 and 60 still tryin' to be nice to the knee and not squat too mucho...

Happy Freakin' Friday

Candice said...

5RM BS-155#
(Could have did much more, but mistakenly made the big jump)

4RM BS-175#

1RM BS-205# PR*

5RM Press-80#

Tried for the 1RM Press...Note to self: Put collars on your barbell to avoid losing your weights during your lift, hahaha! Chris and Ryan...SHHHHH! ;) haha!

Had fun afterwards: Got clapping pullups down and a flying pull up in there too (SCARY!).

Meredith said...


Candice, even if you are just joking, I have so done that before at that silly gym in burleson with the collars!! I was like...WOOPS!! Awesome PR!!

Still working on my dbl unders with my new fancy jump rope!! UGH!!!!

ava said...

did shoulder press and back squats saturday. sp 70# 5x3, bs 135# 5x3 felt weak!