Your Third Place


School or work.

Where are you in between?

Do you have that 'third place' where you can be you, among friends, with equals, and part of the tribe? Have you come in early, or stayed late after a WOD to watch, study, or encourage others? We hope so. We want to be your third place, that home-away-from-home where you are always welcome.

So grab a beer from the mini-fridge, if it won't throw your Zone off, and stick around for the journey. It matters.


Candice said...

Crossfit is def my third place. I love's pretty sad really, haha.

J-Dawg said...

No, what's sad is that I didn't know there was BEER in the mini-fridge!
Glad we can call all you guys family :)

CrossFit GSX said...

* Beer, limited availabity. See store for details.

Ali said...

It's hanging around before/after class with friends that I miss most since hurting my back (ok, and the competition). The wods are great, but it's the warm, family friendly, feel that makes GSX special.