Monday November 16

5 rounds for time of the following:

5 "L" Pull-Ups
10 Ring Dips
15 Push Press
20 Kettlebell Swings


chirodoctx said...

NY by birth. Texas by choice.

Candice said...

13:08 Rx'd...this WOD lit my arms up which are still recovering from saturday's advanced class.

Awesome job on Angie, Mike. It may be behind Chris and Ken by a minute or two, but 15:41 is still amazing!

stefanie said...

Candice - I'm impressed you are even moving after Saturday.

Meredith said...

As always, very impressed by your time today, especially rx'd and a huge ESPECIALLY after saturday advanced wrkout!!!! Wasnt able to be there to watch but sure wish i could have. Had littl man soccer to attend!! Awesome Job Girl!!! My time was 17 something, sooooo not rx'd!!! hard one!!

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

This one left my hands nice and ripped. I was flying the first three rounds and then found myself slamming hard into the wall during rounds four and five. Great workout, still trying to get my motor controls back to normal.

It was all guys during the 430 class. Where did all the ladies go?!

13:47 as RXD

raif said...

14 even. Really suck at ring dips.Other than that the kb swings were hard.

Jason Buzzard said...

12 and some change as rx'd.

Brennan said...

Definitely not in shape yet. This one was brutal. 24:22 RX'd. Ring dips were really ugly and I think after the 2nd round everything was ugly.