Operation Iron Cross - Afghanistan

What is Operation Iron Cross? It is the CrossFit gymnastic certification being held for the troops overseas at Vance Camp, Bagram, Afghanistan Dec 3rd - Dec 11th. How cool is that? We'll be flying out of Pope Air Force Base on a C-17, with an estimated departure date of December 3rd. Three days later, we'll arrive at Bargram Air Base, and Vance Camp. We'll spend about a week in-country, running as many men and women of the 7SFG through the certification as humanly possible. And we've unofficially given this trip a bad-ass nickname, and t-shirt design: Operation Iron Cross.

We've currently lined up several sponsors who are generously donating their time and equipment, including Operation Phoenix, Again Faster, Tactical Athlete, RingTraining.com, Rage Fitness, and Misha's Coffee. Melissa Urban and Dallas Hertwig of CrossFit 603 and the "Whole30 Sponsor a Soldier" program we'll be rolling out, in conjuction with Steve's Club. But we still need help - and I'm confident with hope that those who read this and are active in the CrossFit community or those who wish to sponsor a soldier will answer the call.

In the process of organizing donations and supplies for Operation Iron Cross, We began to brainstorm things we could take over with us that would make a difference to the soldiers of the 7SFG. CrossFit equipment was a given, since we're hoping to get about 100 people through the certifications, but we wanted to get a little more creative and think outside the gymnastics box. We thought about how we could help the 7SFG Eat Good Food as well while protecting our country.

All of which led us to the conclusion, "We need to bring some Good Food over to these guys," and the creation of the Whole30 Sponsor a Soldier program.

Enter Steve's Club, a non-profit organization offering young athletes a chance in life. We'd like to bring 500 Paleokits to Afghanistan. Steve's Club is going to donate one Paleokit for every four purchased, but we need your help to make this happen.

We've set up a PayPal link for donations. You can donate as little as $5 to purchase one Paleokit for an active duty soldier. Send $20, and Steve's club will donate an extra kit on your behalf. If you're an affiliate or larger organization, you can sponsor an entire certification's sustenance at snack time. Go as big as you can -but every single dollar helps.

Now, let's chat for a minute.

Today, I'm asking for a favor. This is important to our soldiers, and to this CrossFit operation. This is espcially important to the men and women serving our country in one of the most dangerous and unstable areas in the world. So today, I'm asking.

Donate via this link: Sponsor A Soldier

Melissa Urban will be updating you daily on her blog (here)as to our efforts, and keeping track of each and every person, affiliate and group who contributes to the cause. And on behalf of me, the Whole30 program, Melissa, OUR GRACIOUS SPONSORS, and the soldiers...THANK YOU.


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