March 31

3-3-3 OHS
30 Squat Clean and Jerk


Brennan said...

6:50, this gets heavy really fast. I PRd this one by around a minute and 30 seconds and last time I almost puked during this one so maybe I am getting in better shape pretty quickly.
First time actually doing OHS and last set was 135#.

Chuck9902 said...

Nice turn out at 6 am again. OHS 115, 135, 155. Great work by Brennan pushing through his difficult lift.

WOD done in 6:58. Thanks to Chuck B for barking at me to finish in under 7 min but that last rep was a killer!

Robertos effort to not give in to the workout and go to completion was epic!

chirodoctx said...

Just Chris H. and myself for Chuck to heckle @ 0830. Chris was aces on OHS and me, not so much today. Somewhat redeeemed myself on "squattin' Grace" - 6:24. All right Raif, Jared, Cass, Candice, etc. sub 5, sub 4? Waddya got?

Word verification (actual word today) : terse

castillo74 said...

I tried to hit sub 5 but ended up with 5:21 AND Ms Kristen killed it in 5:15.
Its up to Raif and Jared to hit it

Candice said...

Not today Steve, haha! But Kristen and Cas freakin' crushed this one!!

Did Queen Kong instead, but dunno what rx'd is on this. Went with:

3 Rounds for time of
1 Deadlift (300lbs)
2 Muscle Ups
3 Squat Cleans (135lbs)
*4:28 rx'd?...doubt it. But does anyone know what the rx'd weight is for women?

Thanks to Chris and Dustin for recording it and keeping me moving.

Also did 3X3 OHS yesterday *PR at125x3 and 2x400m sprints (3 minutes rest between) 1:17, 1:15*both were PR's

chirodoctx said...

The caliber of athletes at this gym continues to impress and humble me.

Kristen said...

I had to kick your butt today Cass after you beat me on Monday's workout. I thought you had me though. This one sure emptied the tank. I have never done Grace before. Now I am for sure gonna try that one soon! 5:15 today. Can't wait to see the 4:30 and 6:00times!

Emily said...

PR on my OHS at 115# for my last 3x3! i cant wait to see what my one rep max will be now! and i PR'd my Clean at 105!! did the wod with 75# and finished in 5:29 - need to get my strength up so i can do 95# with the big girls!

raif said...

Actually a very fatigued 3:14.

Chuck9902 said...


Brennan said...

Raif, that is awesome. I agree with Chuck.