April 1

Skill Work:
Skin the Cat / Back Lever
10 sets of:
Max Distance Broad Jump
For Time:
1 Mile Run


chirodoctx said...

Had some fun today on April Fool's Day. Thank you Chris, for showing me an easier way to get into back lever position. Raif, I think I read Dez Bryant went a little over 11 feet in the broad jump for the scouts. That gives you something to shoot for.


Emily said...

so i have never been a runner, in elementary school i used to have to walk part of the mile, i prob havent run a mile in at least 10 years! i was really nervous about it today... but i actually finished in 8:26 and didnt have to walk once - i did way better than thought. crossfit rocks! lol

430 class put up some fast times! great job guys

Candice said...

Awesome, Emily! Way to stick out even tho u were nervous too. I can't imagine how much that wind would have sucked today tho!

raif said...

Yeah right Steve. Never was much of a jumper. Especially not with these pathetically over sore abs. Who knew you could get such a great ab workout in just 4 minutes? Note to self: do tabata sit ups more often. Had a pseudo-rest day instead. Did the easier half of Lynne-body weight bench 215 X five sets-max reps. Got 15,13,11,10,and 8. A week and a half ago I only got 13,11,8,8,7 so it's fun to see improvement. I think I am gonna start working hard on m,t,w then rest thursday and friday and then do competition style wods on saturdays and rest again on sunday.

Emily said...

The wind did make it harder! i felt like i was blown off course a few times lol