April 21

Inchworms (hands should extend past a plank position)

For Time:
400m Run
Deadlift (225/155)
Pull ups
400m Run

Start and finish with the 400m Run


Chuck9902 said...

Wod done in 12:44 as RX'd but with several 1/2 HSPUs. Nice turn out at 6 am!

Brennan said...

15:15 I think, I know it was 15 minutes. HSPU I cannot do yet so did these with feet on wedges on gymnastic floor. Definitely was not feeling it this morning. Probably need to sleep more and treat my body better, not probably definitely.

jared said...

that guy in the picture is a dick. anyway we can get his punk a$$ out of the gym???

chirodoctx said...

Inchworm? Is this a reference to genital size? WOD completed in 12:27. Strict HSPU unbroken until round of eight. Exceeded my requirement of 21 HSPU total for today. Too bad I can't bank any for tomorrow.


Candice said...

Haha...anonymous and it's under Jared's name...nice one.

5:47 rx'd on yesterday's WOD

13:14 rx'd on today's but with a change up. Did 2-4-6-8-10 HSPU, DL, and 1-2-3-4-5 Muscle ups instead of pull ups. ouch!

Mo said...

Inchworm...guys LOVE it when you call 'em that. :)

After 3+ hours of landscaping last night I was realllllllly hoping there wouldn't be any DL's today. Poor poor me...gotta find a way to use the bands for DL's too.

ztburkett said...

hello from CrossFit Veritas (Graham, Tx)! Love y'alls programming. Our last 2 days have come straight from GSX!!!

9:59 rx'd today...we'll see how my folks like this one.
3:51 on the C&J / sprint WOD


Travis said...

8:20 as Rx'd...start'n to get my mojo back. Alright Raif, bring it!lol

P.S. I will be back n the 6AM class. I am done Hibernating.

raif said...

135 or 155 on the clean and jerk sprint ZT?

Did yard work for time tonight. Moving like a three toed sloth after doing Cindy with cleans and 100 thrusters the next day. Fully concede on this one Travis. Glad to see the "Mojo" is back for ya.

Chuck9902 said...

'bout time you returned to the dark side Travis!

ztburkett said...

raif--we did 135# on C&J. Dustin Moore sent me the wod via text and I thought it was 135. I just saw on the gsx site it was 155. That 20# would have made a heck of a difference! I'll pay more attention next time

jared said...

ZT- our great programing is due to our secret weapon- Chris Lofland. He works his ass off to chisel ours.
Chris thanks for being awesome at what you do! But you drink like a girl...

Mo said...

This Travis news makes me smile...bring some mojo with you please...me and Chuck have lost some :)

raif said...

Ditto on the excellent programming by both Chris and Ken. It takes a lot to come up with great workouts that can be done by a large variety of skill levels.

ZT- That was still a great time on that workout. Keep up the good work and let us know when you do our wods. I was gonna do wednesdays wod today but really tweaked a hammie in warm up.

rowed instead 1:24.3 pr on 500 m row