Saturday 10am Workout will be....
For time:
150 Double Unders
30 Thrusters (135/85)
30 Chest to Bar Pull ups


Candice said...

I like how this WOD goes from crappy, to really crappy, to ultra crappy.

Go to www.crossfitgames.com to view my games profile.

Ali said...

Hi everyone,

Don't forget, if you're cleaning out your closets, garages, ect. this weekend please donate sellable items to the Tae Kwon Do Team GSX garage sale. Thanks!!

Candice, you're awesome. Love all the "pub" you're getting. You deserve it, you work hard!

Candice said...

Ali, do dogs count as sellable items?

Yeah, gettin' a lot of love and enjoying it while I can. Did Raif submit his profile info yet?

High sock friday tomorrow! Just sayin!'

Chuck9902 said...

I gotta get some high socks! But the 6 am'ers do board short Fridays so I'm not sure how board shorts and high socks will look. Tube sock Tuesdays may work for us...