April 23

5-5-5-5-5 Back Squat
1 Rep Max Weighted Pull up

Join us Saturday at 6:30pm for our GSX CrossFit Social gathering.
Come enjoy food, drinks, and all sorts of schenanigans.
Parents Night Out will be available for your kids. 6:30-10:00


Chuck9902 said...

5x5 Back squats with 225#.

40# weight vest + 25# plate for 65# weighted 1 RM pull up...barely.

chirodoctx said...

I do love strength days. It's neat with Crossfit you don't do a traditional strength building routine, but you get stronger. Hit 350x5 in the BS and 85x1 in the PU. Nice work by Jessica on her squats and double-unders at 0830.


PS. Had some game (elk, venison) at Bonnell's last night. Excellent. Try it if you get a chance.