April 20

For Time:
50 Sit ups
5 Thrusters
40 Sit ups
10 Thrusters
30 Sit ups
15 Thrusters
20 Sit ups
20 Thrusters
10 Sit ups


Chuck9902 said...

9:32 and it was all I could do to stay a step ahead of Brennan. Nice work by the 6 am crew.

Brennan said...

Rxd 10:04. Was shooting for sub 10 min but I guess I rested too long. This one was a gasser.

Jenny said...

Awesome 6:00am class! Almost used big girl weight all the way to the end and then failed! Thanks to the ladies for cheering me on.

chirodoctx said...

WOD time was 9:07. Was able to get thrusters unbroken to the set of 20and then went 13/7. Alexis is a sit-up machine. Mr. Furley is nipping at my heels.


castillo74 said...

8:29 rx'd and thrusters seemed easier for some reason...broke up last set 10/10

Travis said...

5k Run this morning for 21:11...16:30 class WOD for 6:48.

ava said...

Good workout! I don't think thrusters like me much, but I managed to pull out 11:17 with 65#. Kudos to Brenda and Kathy for hanging in there and pulling through this rough one. Glad to have you girls here!

raif said...

6:25 for the wod. Then continued another 10 minutes adding 50 thrusters and 100 sit ups