April 5

Skill Work:
Snatch Balance

OHS (95#/65#)


chirodoctx said...

Nice to walk into a dry gym. On the board (which desperately needs more dry erase markers) with 4:21.


Candice said...

Did "Tyler" today which is:
5 Rounds of
7 Muscle Ups
21 SDHP (65lbs)

Did it in 19:17? Can't remember...but it would have been so much better had I not missed so many muscle ups in my last round trying to rush it.

Good job to Kristen (new Kristen) who did the 11:30 WOD rx'd today in 13:07! I knew you could!

Emily said...

good 4:30 class as always! did todays wod rx'd in 6:28 i think. was trying to keep up w cas and candice

Candice said...

went back and did "Jeremy."
5:09 rx'd...and the legs and arms were completely done from doing "Tyler." Rough!

raif said...

Air Force wod was surprisingly miserable. Got about half way through and hit the wall. I haven't been dizzy after a wod in a while but that one did it. 8 flat.

raif said...

Also I hereby vow to not drop my pants at the next mixer.

I will however wear some that are new and unusual just in case. (Dignity is overrated)

Parker said...

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool which yo pants on the ground.