April 7

Skill Work:
Squat Clean

For Time:
10 Deadlift
20 Wall Balls
10 Hang Power Clean
20 Push ups
10 Front Squats
20 Air Squats
10 Push Jerk
20 Pull ups
10 Back Squats
20 Burpees


raif said...

Oh fudge! (Only I didn't say fudge)

Candice said...

Happy 21st Ryan!! The next social is gonna be crrrazy!

Yikes...This WOD looks like a doozy.

Chuck9902 said...

It was all fun and games until the push jerks, those hurt a little. Finishing with the burpees was just short of cruel.

WOD done in 10:15. Nice work by our small group this morning. Mo, Jen and Monty emptied the tank. Jen's grand idea of tabata sit ups after the WOD nearly finished me off.

chirodoctx said...

Lotsa' fun with the 0830 class this AM. Did all exercises unbroken except for PJ and PUs. Time was 8:39. Thanks alot 0600 class, now the the 0830 girls want to do Tabata sit-ups/planks.


Brennan said...

Chuck, that zazzle website is pretty cool. I like that you can customize the shirts and change the Box name.
I hate that I will miss this WOD, looks pretty fun in a sick way.

Meredith said...

Is it your 21st today Ryan?? if so Happy Birthday!! Uh Oh!! Here comes TROUBLE!!!

Candice said...

Steve, I forgot to hit you back about the "Marine Corps WOD."

I dunno if one exists, but it would def incorporate a lot of heavy crap on our backs, low crawls on gravel, and "I'm up, he see's me...I'm down" 's (basically getting up, sprinting, and dropping back down as fast as you can say that phrase).

I think I should make one up for a Saturday WOD...anyone interested in that?

castillo74 said...

Damn that 2nd heat in the 4:30 class went crazy fast! Good job Travis & Raif...7:19 for me, just trying to keep up with the manimal (Raif)

chirodoctx said...

I would love to honor the Corps! On a different note, or maybe not so different, anybody know anything about the FW Mud Run?

Ryan said...

Thanks Candice! I agree the social is just gonna be stupid! Haha.

Travis said...

Being out of the game for 3 wks has killed me. Soooo glad to be back. loved todays WOD.
Thanks Ken for the assist, couldn't have done without it.
Great job to everyone. Raif, Cas you are both manimals!! lol

Candice said...

Squat Clean 157lbs *PR...in tennis shoes! BAM! Stopped there for fear of wobbling all over the place and hurting myself. Going for 165 on Friday.

WOD: 6:25 Rx'd with a 18# medball

david.griffin said...

Steve I am completing the mud run on Sunday If you would like join me. I've already signed up so won't be able to join a team. Let me know if you are interested. You can sign up until the 8th, no race day registration.

Emily said...

did this one in 8:21 with 75#

so ryan i tried to text ya happy birthday and texted it to the wrong Ryan!! I forgot to save ur num the other day lol

hope you had a great 21st!!

Ryan said...

Its all good Emily it's the thought that counts! haha...but thanks I did have a good birthday. Went to the rangers game and it was a good time even though they lost and looked horrible doing it...