April 6

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3 RM Back Squat

Deadlift (225#/155)
Box Jump
Ring Dip


chirodoctx said...

Good day for me today. Hit 350x3 for the squat and 7:23 for the WOD.
I have decided to do a month of HSPU. 1 on April first, 2 on the second, etc. Did 21 today to catch up. 7 tomorrow.


ChrisChev said...

Steve, great idea, i am in on the hspu....good workout, box jumps got a little rough after dead lifts...i hate, and suck at, deadlifts but said i would not skip any this year so this workout bites, but better than sitting on my a$$


Candice said...

Did this unplanned. 4:53 rx'd. Was planning to do a heavy clean and jerk WOD but decided that'd be silly after a 2-a-day yesterday.

Good job on your back squats today, Steve!

Chuck9902 said...

Nice getting in a workout with the 6 pm crew on a Tuesday.

3 RM Back Squat done with 250#. Wod done as RX'd in 9:08. I just ran out of gas trying to keep up with Brennan.

Raif, www.zazzle.com and search crossfit.

Candice said...

For all Level 1 certified peeps, testing is now required in order to maintain validity of your certificate (is that even how you say that)?

Go to the following link to read up on it:

raif said...

Thanks Chuck. I'm on it.

What's gotten into Jared? Is it the classes? Homeboy has edged me out in three of the last four class wods.

345 3 rm bs. 6:31 on wod with questionable lock outs on ring dips.

jared said...

Raif- the secret is zoning out my coors light intake... give it a shot.