Wednesday Dec 03

Scott. Smoked.
DL's = Men @ 155lbs, Women @ 95lbs
4 rounds

21 Push-Ups
15 Dead Lifts
9 Burpees


jason buzzard said...

I have a question... Anyone and everyone that reads this please, if you could, an opinion would be greatly appreciated. What makes Crossfit so damn addicting?! Is it in the 21,15,9? Does getting the poo beat out of you during a workout release some sort of chemical in your brain? Maybe I am just not meant to understand it...

scott said...

Good rx'd 12:44.

For me its a lifestyle of being fit without the boredom of the same routine week in and week out. I started crossfit not being able to do more than one pull up and now 10 months later I am in great shape (well better than I was) and I am not burned out. That is a testimony to the Crossfit routine and the addiction.

Have a great wod Jason.

M.A. Deavers said...

8:37, as Rx'd. Minimize the transitions. Good times. Thanks for stopping by, Mom!

Jason, getting stronger, and finding better health is addicting. Improving on this machine, with friends makes a good thing even better. Using natural, multi-muscle/multi-joint movements feels goods, all things considered. Being around like minded, sharp people rocks. Throw all that in a hopper, add running/lifting/gymnastics/kettlebells/etc and you get a complete package to benefit the whole athlete.


Mike D.

Mo said...

blah blah blah - It's where the cute boys are at. Duh!

Oh and probably that like minded thing Mike spoke of, and the instructors that are inspiring and motivating, and that there is always room for improvement to reach for, and it makes ya feel good.

Chuck9902 said...

Yep, for me it's all about being able to empty the tank every workout. There are no recovery runs, no light lifting days, etc. Compound movements and the added bonus of being able to compete with others through a workout is just icing on the cake. If you really like Crossfit then you really like feeling broken after a workout. When you put it that way, maybe we're just insane.

jason buzzard said...

So, maybe it does go back to the 21,15,9 after all, in a round about way. I thank god that all of you are as "crazy" and "obsessed" as I am!

I couldnt pass up doing Fran today. I planned on doing both Fran and the WOD, didnt quite work out so well for me. Not too proud of my Fran time but am really excited about improving it by over 2 minutes.


Great job on your first Fran today Craig.

CrossFit GSX said...

Nice work, Jason. Respect what ever WOD you may choose, but doubling up anything with Fran...Use caution. Great job. Respect the toll these workouts have on your body, more is not always the answer. Rest has value.