Australian Gymnastics Cert Huge Success!

CrossFit Dynamics Crew
Ultimate CrossFit Perth
The lads are on their way back to the States, after a great visit to Australia


Adrian Immarrata said...

What a fantasitic course.

Very professional and highly skilled atheletes. In was a privilage to be tought by Tucker and his team.

Can't wait for Cert II to come down under.

Danny Housseas said...

Really appareciate you guys coming down here. Had a fantastic weekend.

You're all welcome back here any time you like. Just make sure its soon!

Thank you once again.


Lucas Atkins, Kathryn Dalecki, Morgan Dowell said...

Hi TUCKER and Crew,

Had an amazing time on the weekend. The cert was great and the instruction was exceptional. It is a sign of a good instructor who facilitates a great course that everyone enjoys, but it is the sign of an exceptional instructor who manages to give his passion over to all who attend. It is 3 days after the cert and the CrossFit Dynamics crew are still buzzing with excitement over the course!

Hurry back guys, you will always be welcome in the land down under!!!

Train Hard, Live Easy

tuck said...

What a great trip - the whole experience has been incredible. I want to also thanks everyone for the kind words about our cert and those that made the trip special for you.

Never in my wildest dreams did I even think this would turn out so well - and all of you participants are the ones to be thanked! You Aussies made it special for all of us.

Jason! I am coming to the outback my friend and it was jason that grabbed your bum! Let me know what we need to do to make Perth a stop on our gymnastic tour in Sydney this summer 09!

To all those back in the states who have dropped us lines of good cheer and support! we are packing bags ow and heading home with gifts and boomerangs in tow!

Good Day America, we certainly have no worries!


Dave Newman said...

Hey - I just want to echo the other comments and say what an excellent time I had at the cert. You were all absolutely fantastic and gave fantastic instruction.

Thanks again for dinner Tuck...It was great chatting to you in the hotel :-)