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Something from my Heart.

Gordana - the true Warrior Spirit. I met a wonderful group of folks in Canada on February 14, 2009 and the hits just keep on coming.

Gordana, was one of those wonderful people whose spirit fills the room... You know some one special is inside the box, you sense it first, as a coach you look about the room and size up what you have to work with, and then eye contact is made - she stared right back at me, almost through me. I wondered how the seminar would go for her.

Not once did I ask her to tell me her story - although I knew she had one to tell. I supposed the time spent over the weekend would allow it to naturally reveal itself to me. It did not. She kept her story close to the vest as though she were playing a tight hand of poker. Not once did she complain, not once did she retreat, not once did she leave me room for doubt, and not once could I have thought what it was like to be in her shoes.

Something had changed her, something indeed... I watched this lady workout and display a full 16 hours of work and body movements. I watched her step up and tirelessly approach the work of the day - she also intently hung on ever Texas sized syllable i spoke. Only in the last hour as I prepared to go did I learn her tale, her epic battle, the one she now fearlessly rages. No wonder the gymnastic cert to her was simply a walk in the park, she had been busy defeating things far more difficult than gymnastic moves. Gordana has been busy about getting on with life, and killing cancer.

Gordana - you have all my respects, all my admiration, and all my heart felt love. I encourage those of you to read her story and read her blog. She is a lady, a mother, a wife, and a wonderful athlete. The pleasure was all mine young lady.


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Chuck9902 said...

Wow...inspiring...I'll think of her next time I think I'm tiring during a workout.