It's My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To

0600 Custom WOD
Scott, Ridin' Dirty

10 Rounds

5 x Thrusters
8 x Tire Flip Circuit (flip, jump in & out, repeat)

Dress warm.


CrossFit GSX said...

0600 Crew:

8 rounds

5 Thrusters
15 Wall Ball Shots

You guys rocked it today. Great to see you all.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday mike! it's your party, you can cry if you want to!
have a GREAT day!!!!!!


Chuck9902 said...


135# thrusters, 20# med ball

7 rounds, 2 thrusters and 2 dry heaves...cut off in 20 minutes


raif said...

is he sucking his thumb?? Brutal!!

scott said...

Gota be one of the toughest so much in fact I did not finish before time was called.

On third thruster in round 8 when time was called and immediately assumed the fetal position for recovery.

Jason and Mo finished and looked strong!

Happy birthday Mike!

Mo said...

I hope Mike gets younger next year.

Started with 18 medball but had to step down to 15

67 on thrusters

I didn't squat low enough on my thrusters...gotta work on that.

17:01 (I hope I counted my rounds boys have me second guessing but I think I did)

Jason Buzzard said...

When I saw this on the board this morning it put fear in my heart. 135# thrusters?! and 8 rounds on top of that?! Had a hard time even standing after this one. 19:00 even, and amazed that I was able to finish. Raif you would kick ass at this one, not one to miss. Great job this morning everyone. Mo, the ball helps to keep you on track as to how low you need to go on your thrusters.

Happy Birthday Mike!

CrossFit GSX said...

Remember, Mo. 4in., 10in.,'s all the same. Get low.


ava said...

"4in, 10in,'s all the same"

I don't think so!!

Happy birthday, Mike!

david.griffin said...

Happy Birthday Mike D.

Killer freakin' workout. I only did 95# Thrusters with the tire flips. Ouch. Those of you who completed 135# Thrusters my hat is off to you. My strength is just not there right now. I hope to improve. Hoping to join the Saturday class tomorrow at 0900.

Ali said...

Wow, that was sooo hard! Couldn't complete all rounds with 55#/15# (wb), had to drop. This one was just tough! Tried to make brownies when I got home, couldn't stir...gonna be lumpy!

Happy Birthday Mike.

CrossFit GSX said...

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