Letter to the Editor

"Hey Coach Tucker,

Coach Glassman told us at our level one cert that we had to set out every morning and do everything in our power to give people greatness. That's something that really stuck with me and it's something that you don't often see. But you do it. In fact, you do it better than anyone that's ever coached me and believe me when I tell you, that's a serious compliment.

If I can hit a nice back lever and knock out 10 free standing handstand push-ups, fix my kip and hold a good L-sit for 1 minute sometime in the next 3 months (with some hard work of course) I'll feel as though I got a lot out of your cert. If I can properly convey all the information and techniques that you taught us over to my clients, I'll be delighted. But, If at some point in my career as a trainer and a coach, someone walks up to me and tells me that I'm half the coach that Jeff Tucker is, I'll consider myself a very successful man. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I loved your cert.

Eric Vandermeersch
Crossfit Mississauga"


CrossFit GSX said...

How cool is that? Thinking of signing up for Gymnastics Cert? Get on it.


Mo said...

Be proud Tuck!

tuck said...

very... very proud, thanks MO.

jeff m said...

I cant tell you how many emails i got for thanking me for having you coming to my place. We will have to do it again, Thanks again its people like Tuck that make the crossfit community what it is

tuck said...

Jeff - thanks kind sir... Once again, my pleasure.