Tuesday Feb 17

5 Rounds:

5 Clean & Jerks
10 Burpees


scott said...

135# at 15:05. This one was tough, especially going to squat first.

Jason Buzzard said...

This one really worked the gast tank. 135#, 10:05. Were they supposed to be squat cleans and then jerks? I didnt squat them, just a clean and jerk.

Are you going to make it to the 0600 Scott?

scott said...

Great job Jason.

Not sure on rx'd, but I did the full squat clean and then the jerk (made them two separate movements). Form was a little rough as I struggled on keeping the elbows up and racking the bar on the shoulders during the squat part of the clean.

Kristy said...

11:30, 77lbs for cleans. 4:30 class went outside and ran in place of burpees. Lucky me!

raif said...

6:28 on this one with the 135-just cleans(not squat cleans). I'm really happiest with the ability to recover that I have gained. Six months ago I would have had to sit for 30 minutes and then still would have been dizzy on the drive home. Today I pushed as hard as I could and still was able to do Tabata k2e's and a 3000 meter row afterward's.

Chris L. said...

135# squat clean & jerk