Suffer On Saturday, Free Saturday Class

Site of the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier
Ali leading the pack today
Sara, CrossFit Mom-to-be
Birthday Man, picture perfect Knees-to-elbows
Wall Ball Shots
Ali, finishing the 800's
Sharon, Kristin, Steve

3 Rounds

800m Run
40 Wall Ball Shots
30 Push-Ups
20 Knees to Elbows


CrossFit GSX said...

Very nice work everybody, thank you for suffering on saturday with us!

Jason Buzzard said...

This one was tough today, need to work on my gas tank. Was just trying to keep up with all of the super star women today. Great job everyone!!!

Angie said...

AND I have a lot more leg to raise up there! Great job Jason.

Anonymous said...

man.......i am almost glad i stayed up too late and had too much fun last night because this one looked tough...i hate that i missed some of my favorite cfit people though


david.griffin said...

Looking good everybody. I didn't make it this morning but made a workout with some friends. Nothing like GSX though. Can't wait till next Saturday!!

Ali said...

That was a great workout, adding the 800's put it over the top! Fun to workout with people I don't usually get to see during the week.

ken c said...

looks like a great crew out there this morning.