New Unlimited Classes Pricing

We are pleased to announce our new unlimited CrossFit pricing plan at $105 a month. The new pricing will allow our members to attend any, and every class they wish, along with full open-gym privileges, and Saturday clinics.

More details: HERE


Chuck9902 said...

very I just have to find time to get in more workouts!

CrossFit GSX said...

Tucker and Jason know that times are tough for everyone right now, and every penny counts. We're just trying to offer the best training and programing to our members at the best price, while spreading the word about this great CrossFit community.

scott said...

Thank you Tucker and Jason. This is great!

tuck said...

Thanks Folks,

We have discussed this for a while and felt like it was the best thing to do. And it means it helps everyone out with the bottom line.

As for our current GSX CF clients there is no increase - all of you are grandfathered in and we encourage you to please attend all you want. Just be sure to eat all you take ;^)

This new offer will apply to new clients and it is a heck of a deal. Those doing unlimited fee structure now will be reduced from 125.00 to 105.00.

All this said we have some major moves that will shake things up for the better in our CF community and those will be launched after the qualifiers are over in two weeks.

Should be fun!