Wednesday Apr 22

Keep the rings in close & tight

AMRAP, 5 minutes. Repeat 3 times, rest 1 minute between sets

5 Pull-Ups
100m Sprint
5 Ring Push-Ups
100m Sprint
5 Box Jumps
100m Sprint


Ali said...

Oh this is going to be so fun (in a sick kind of way). It's going to be hard to wait until 6pm. Thank you GSX!

Chuck9902 said...

Loved it...adding the sprints was great. 3 rounds in the first 5 min set, 2 rds and the push ups in 2nd set and 2 rds and pull ups in 3rd set.

Hope you're ok MO!

Jason Buzzard said...

This was a lot of fun this morning, just tried to keep up with Travis and Chuck.

3 rounds
2 1/2 rounds
2 rounds and 2 push ups

Mo, thanks for scaring everyone this morning. Hope that everything is ok.

tuck said...

Maybe we could name it the Ali!? or the Belly Sweat. Muahahahaaa!

It is a solid workout, rings make everything harder! Good work Josh and Mike!

Anonymous said...

this was a good one...hard to see in the dark! O.K.???


Mo said...

Sorry for the scream fest distraction 6am'ers. It was my own fault. I will be ok. I'm just pissed at myself for letting it happen and pissed that it'll probably slow me down for a while. Bah! Aside from my mishap I really liked the ring push ups.

For those that weren't there during last set of ring push ups when I was getting up from last one I let my arm go outwards and rolled my shoulder out of socket...I've rolled both out in past so they are prone...but that is the first time one stayed out. Ouch.

Oh and I also busted my ass on a tractor tire box jump. AND noticed leaving the parking lot that my Dad hit something with the front end of my car while I borrowed his truck. Bad morning yo.

Rho!!! I am NOT a screamer dammit!!! You meanass lil shit.

CrossFit GSX said...

"Oh, I declare!"...Mo

Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorites! I love the whole outdoors thing we have now. It's fantastic! Going to make for some great WOD with the pretty weather.
Mo....glad your OK> Josh scared us at 8:30 telling us we "had to keep the rings in close!" after what happened. Glad your tough and popped it back in!

scott said...

Good wod this morning.
2 rnds and finished push ups in 3rd
2 rnds and finished pu's in 3rd

Worked on presses with Charlie after workout. Got up to 155#.

Great work from the ladies this morning. Kristen and Sharon working through injuries.

david.griffin said...

I wanted to make the class this morning but Angie still has me incredibely sore. I still am unable to fully extend my arms.

I've been looking foward to workouts outside and of course the WOD was outside this morning. Damn.

Mo I hope your day gets better. If not there is always tomorrow.

Mo said...

And I heart Travis for having a clue as to what I should do. Hope I didn't stop your workout Speed Demon.


CrossFit GSX said...

Much more where that came from. Ah, the great outdoors and a dynamic ring platform.

Ali said...

Ok, this is killing me. Can't stop thinking about this workout! Looks like 3 rounds in each set is the goal. 90 degrees outside and this workout = Belly sweat! Mo, sounds horrible, hope ya recover quickly.

CrossFit GSX said...

We have stirred the "Ali-Nator"!

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

I hope we don't have any "Modrama" this afternoon.

On a serious note, Mo I hope you recover quick. I cringed when I read what happened. I probably would have screamed way louder than you if it had happened to me.

Looks like it is going to be a fun workout this afternoon. Tucker won't have to water the grass because we will be sweating enough to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Mo........did I hit a nerve? I hope you are better...


Mo said...

Thanks Jason J Balls. I'm not sure how loud I screamed or what I said but I must have been pretty loud. I know at one point I told some innocent concerned person, "Don't touch!!" just out of pain and fear...I needed a second because I was scared of making it worse. Right as I was about to go ahead and beg Travis to just grab it and kill rollllllllled back in.

Like I said my shoulders are eff'd and always wanting to pop out so I am not the norm but I am pretty sure everyone today learned from me enough to keep the rings CLOSE!!! I relaxed getting up not during the push there is yo warning.

Have fun!! Goooo Ali! :)

Mo said...

Rho you can hit anything you want of mine. :)

I'm better than when I was screaming but I ain't as good as I was hoping to be at this time today. Ibuprofen is my friend but perhaps I need a Como crack rock.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

I am going to go ahead and lay this out there, Mo is by far our most entertaining and controversial crosffitter. Good thing the FCC isn't in charge of this blog. :)

On another note, Travis has been appearing in more and more blog pictures, but I never see him posting. You morning guys need to start harassing him about it until we start seeing some blog action from him.

Mo said...

Was it something I said? I was going to sell the Como crack rock so I could buy more ibuprofen!!

Travis yep. The other white meat. Can't we just talk about him instead of to him?

This blog is censored JBalls. You are safe! Imagine my posts that haven't made it.

hee hee

CrossFit GSX said...

That hurts, Mo. The blog isn't censored, it's guided. Jackassery is kept to a tolerable level and we don't publish anonymous posts. That's really about it.

Well that and "blank" sucks posts. Yeah, those get deleted pretty quick.

Mo said...

Ok well I was just talkin' sheit a usual ya know. Tolerable level huh? Well..don't take a vote. I might get deleted. :)

I was called a Jackass by one of my friends just last week.


tuck said...

Deavers = Gawd's gift to MO!

Good lawd Mo - let it go already.

CrossFit GSX said...

Jeez, 23 freaking comments. Sweet.

david.griffin said...

Is this a posting record? How about Ali's evening post, I've been anxious to hear her results from todays WOD

tuck said...

Ali is still out back soaked in belly sweat.

I think we should call this the Mo! Or maybe Mo Better Blues.

Ali said...

Ahh, that's funny! This was a lot harder than it looked! The ring push ups exhausted my arms. Got 3 rounds in the first two sets, but then only got 2 rounds and through ring push ups on the third set. There was some confusion about sprinting after the box jumps, our group didn't, but 4:30 pm did. Did the AM classes? Either way, great WOD. Given the circumstances today, Mo does deserve naming rights on the WOD! Also, used the outdoor weights tonight for the first time. Really liked the feel and the fact that I can finally tell what lb I'm lifting.

tuck said...

do you have Kilo conversion issues as well? i hate the metric system!