Thursday Apr 23

50 Tire Flips for time

Complete as an individual, or as part of a team as necessary.


Anonymous said...

WOW...I have never done the tire flips before....ouch! GREAT workout though....loved being outside. What is that jump in jump out thing about????? Is flipping the tire not enough?!


CrossFit GSX said...

Sorry for the delays in posting comments, we're blowing stuff up today and will catch up later.

Peace out,

k.stewart said...

hey rhonda, made to the 6 am class this morning, was bummed you were not there. would have made flipping tires, in the dark, more fun.


Anonymous said...

I have never done tire flips and I was bummed I could come today. I messed up my knee at tumbling last night and can't walk well so didn't think it's was a good idea to come


JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

The flipping (both the tires and tumbling class) was fun today. I had a good partner in Joe for the tire flips. We knocked it out in under 10 min. Beautiful weather today.

We had quite the instructor trio today with Chris, Trevor, and Jason for tumbling class. The girls are getting better and better every week, Steve and I are slugging away, and pretty boy Manton shows up today and turns out to be a tumbling genius.

And the best for last, Happy Birthday Steve!

rhonda said... sorry I missed you Kristen! I would have LOVED to flip tires with you! My knee is never good, but for some reason the tire thing really hurt....very swollen! Hope to see you at 6:00am soon....


Super Trev said...

Awesome job everyone in the adult tumbling class tonight, you all are getting much better. Happy Birthday Steve.

tuck said...

Let me assure you. Manton is NO genius! Muhahahaha. But he is a pretty boy, strong too!