CF Gymnastics Cert, CF New England

CrossFit New England Gymnastics Cert


tuck said...

CF New England - Gymnastic Cert.

We all worked very hard at CFNE in Natcik, Massachusetts April 4th and 5th. Heather and Brian there run a cool ship and have some very wonderful folks who are extremely supportive and energetic of the community they are building there. I was reminded this past weekend of how we all have different goals and come from various backgrounds - some of us want to compete for time, others to simply get stronger, and some wanna just feel better. All of these goals can be met by working hard, training hard, and challenging yourself with folks you care about. It helps to have a common goal and to enjoy the successes of those around you. CrossFit is a great way to achieve personal goals and make some great friends along the way.


PS - Heather Keenan is not only a tough CrossFit women - she can dance, dance, dance!! Melissa and Dallas were kind enough to show up and help me wrangle EC! Red Square can play anything. Their live show was too much!

Anonymous said...

Great Cert Tucker, I had a blast!