Rhonda Hates Burpees

Double Under Master
Rhonda, FGB II
With CrossFit Director Josh Wells at a GSX Happy Hour

Meet Rhonda Felton, if you haven't already. Rhonda started CrossFit at GSX in March 2008 and comes from a background in running, and tennis (gotta love the outfits).

Rhonda hates burpees. "When I started I had NO upper body strength. I feel better about my upper body strength than ever before and love doing double unders and squats the most. I just feel stronger all the way around...nothing specific, but "feel" it!"

"The thing that I love the most, actually it was so unexpected, are the relationships and friendships that I have developed. Real relationships with people that I might have missed getting to know. This is what makes GSX great."

"I got my first pull-up with a group of people cheering me on...I could have NEVER done it without them. I showed up one morning early and my 6:00 AM friends could tell I was sad...they comforted me. I never expected THAT aspect of it, such a bonus. I feel like I am in on the best kept secret in Ft. Worth! I LOVE the people like Josh, Mo, Wes, Chuck, Tucker, Scott..the list goes on & on!"

Come join in on the best kept secret. We think you'll have fun and hopefully make a new friend or two.


M.A. Deavers said...

I heart Rhonda.

tuck said...

I remember when Rho came in... She said wanted a workout to help lift her butt. She got more than that, she has done very well and she is not fluffy! ;')

Plus - everyone loves Rho! How could you not - she is sweet, kind, and warm with everyone she meets. And, she gives very good party, & social hour due to her organizational skills!

Keep up the good work Rho.

Ali said...

Rhonda - You rock your workouts and are always so fun to see in the morning, always positive!

Chuck9902 said...

Yep...Everything Tucker said!

Mo said...


You are extraordinarily strong in many ways, inspiring, and you lift the spirits of everyone around you. I am glad that I have been able to get to know you.

I got yo back anyplace anytime my lil pint sized badass.

I love you!
Sappy Mo

Anonymous said...

Great story Rhonda. I'm glad I was your guinea pig to "try this thing out." It turned out to be GREAT for us both!
I'm just sad I lost you to the 6 am crew!