Monday Apr 6


AMRAP, 20 minutes

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats


scott said...

Finished 18 rnds and 3 squats shy of 19. Wes was right on my heals this morning....awesome job Wes.

Anonymous said...

finished 12 rounds......hands and arms hurt from half murph on saturday....ugh!

mo......i missed you this morn.


Jason Buzzard said...

Damn fine job Scott. I wish I could have been there this morning but my body is still beat up from the weekend. If any of you get the chance to do the Kettle Bell cert, be sure to go!

k.stewart said...

Good solid workout, I really like this one. 18 rounds.


CrossFit GSX said...

Great numbers today, guys. You should all be familiar with this WOD by now and ready post some big bests!

Keep it up Griffin...24rds is great

scott said...

Thanks Jason. Was shooting for at least 20, but better than the last time I did Cindy. You will have to give me some tips on the new kb skills you picked up.

Good job Kristin and Griffin 24 is awesome!

raif said...

after resting (and overeating) this weekend was feeling good and wanted to do a fresh Grace. finished it in 2:04.5... then did 15 c&j's to grow on...then did 26 rounds of cindy +5 pullups and 10 pushups in the 20 min.

tuck said...

raif - i really hate you... nah - not really... but i do kinda... well a little... okay - i don't hate you per sa, but you smell bad. smell bad when you work out that is... but your sucess in workouts is good... well better than good... it makes me hate you... well not really hate you but kinda not want to hang around you... like at all!!! but you give away good free beer when we hang around so i take it back. i like you... but not a great deal...

im just rambling some... well rambling a little.

i was crazy once, and then the worms came, the worms make me crazy!

the tuck!

PS - you r gonna bring the thunder come Hell's Half Acre!

Anonymous said...

o.k......i am a TOTAL LOSER with my wimpy 12 rounds....guess i needed mo & chuck there to push me...they were MIA this morning....way to go raif...can't wait til you make us all look good @ the games....maybe they will think everyone at GSX is that good!! since i have not gotten any free beer from you...i may have to hate you too! sure do like allie though!

raif said...

Uhh.... thanks i guess...we are gonna have to have all the crossfitters over for beer and darts some time real soon while the weather is nice.

tuck, that was some authentic frontier jibberish!

looks like tomorrow is gonna be another advil day in the Rattan household. Allie did almost 17 rounds with no band today (and we both ripped our hands):(

tuck said...

LOL! Love you and Allie... You guys rock... Your whole family rocks.

Take care of those hands!