Wednesday June 24

Run 1 mile, for time.


Chuck9902 said...

Hope you enjoyed your one miler! I had a business meeting that teed off...uh, I mean started at 7:40 am.

Jason Buzzard said...

Did everyone else have a "meeting" this morning as well? The OKC zoo needed some of my attention but I will be in this afternoon and may do my run this evening when it is cooler. What are the mile times looking like?

Mo said...

Brandon did 6:30 I think...or close to that

Sunshine Shelby passed me up by abt 10 sec's I thinks

Beth 9:51 :)

8:31 fer me pokey bootay

Dat be errbody in the 6am today.

scott said...

Impressive Brandon!

7:01 and glad to be running at 8:30 and not 4:30.

Great to have Kristin back in class.

Ali said...

Felt good to run. I can't remember the last time I ran a mile for time - pretty sure it was in peewee track. Hoping for sub 7 (don't know why), O.K. with 7:10 considering my legs felt heavy from the start. My $$ is on Stephanie for time of the day!

Chris L. said...

I hate running!

ava said...

Did handstand Helen today at home. Whew! talk about belly sweat! 12:27 with 30# db for kb swings and hspu's to pillow.

CrossFit GSX said...

All the reason to hit it hard, Chris.

Travis said...

Came and did 7-UP-Yours
7 Rounds

7 Pull Ups
7 Thrusters @95#
7 Burpees
7 Ring Dips
7 Sit Ups
7 Push Ups
49 Reg Jump Rope
Time 20:10...

CAttaway said...

Nooooo! My best mile time on the treadmill indoors in the A/C is about 11 minutes, so at 6pm in the heat, I may have the longest time of the day. And I agree with Ali - Stephanie will likely have the best time of the day, and not even be breathing heavy. I'll either be wheezing or just stop breathing altogether.

david.griffin said...

Everybody missed it but Travis killed his 7 of everything WOD. Great job.

Mike D. On behalf of Travis, without his permission, I would like to submit this WOD to the "super secret bunker crew" for us to complete. I mean attempt.

Also thanks to Travis and Trevor for timing me.

Jason Buzzard said...

Worked on cleans and did snatches today for the first time. Thanks Josh for the help. No great weight, just worked technique.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
I hate to disapoint but I did not show up for class - even I could not bear to run in 100 degrees on a red ozone day. I waited until the sun went down before I went out.